Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To Dearest Ashley!

Photo:  Ashley Thalman

One of the many joys of children is to have adult children.  That is not to say that I didn't enjoy all stages, because I truly did.
But, now I have adult children that have become more than just children but advisors, listeners, creators, examples and mothers themselves (and soon a father).  
Ashley was given much responsibility.  I, perhaps, was harder on her than any of the children.  But she only remembers the good, only sees the good, and quickly forgives.  I am so grateful for her example, her advice, her perfect ability to listen.
I love her creative spirit that come through in everyway.  I love how she mothers, patiently, kindly, forgivingly.
I love you, Ashley!
Happy Birthday.


The Baker's Goods said...

I love you as well mom, thanks !

Jessica said...

Thank YOU for making the best friend a person could ever want. She is amazing. I also like your perspective--with a newborn and toddlers I can't imagine them grown up because I love their innocence and sweetness soo much. Knowing them as adults is such an abstraction to me but I'm excited for that too.