Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Eataly.  I find the name a little corny but it certainly is a little corner of that country right in Manhattan.
Actually, 50,000 square feet of Italy, my favorite being the chocolate section.  Mario Batali and his other Italian friends, Joe and Lidia Bastianich created this mega Italian store that opened this fall.  Kurt got me some lemon gelato to soothe my never ending cough.  He's always looking out after me!

What is Italy without bread?
Stuffed ravioli machine.

Fresh pasta!

Holy cow!  It is Mario Batali himself!


Kurt Knudsen said...

AND he was wearing his orange Crocs too.

Travel_Chic said...

Mario Batali!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

PS send me some of that pasta to Nebraska...

Ann said...

Fun! That lemon gelato sounds soooo yummy. I miss dad's frozen treats