Monday, July 26, 2010

Kicking Up My Feet For The Birthday Girl!

About ten years ago
my mother and I went shoe shopping at Nordstroms in Salt Lake. She, as usual, charmed the male shoe salesman, having him bring out all sorts of beautiful, pointed, 7AAA high heels. And me. Well, I tried on several pairs of Doc Martin shoes, 7B, black, I think. The best part was we both laughed at how much we loved each other and yet were so different. Visiting Katy and clan this week I am reminded that my mother would be pleased that her high sense of fashion flair has not been completely lost on me since it is fully manifested in her grandchildren! I can hear her now: Oh, Katy! I love your shoes! Happy Birthday, my daughter. Thanks for teaching me style, honesty, patience, love and faith! Grandma would be so pleased.
Love you!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Brendon!

The true test of your relationship with your in laws is having them move in for three weeks. Holy cow, that is a long time! Brendon not only survived but was gracious, kind, loving and actually acted like he liked us there. Bravo, Brendon! We love you and your very big heart! I hope this is a very happy birthday. Please eat a Navajo Taco for me. And good job on the bubble.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blessings of Cystic Fibrosis

My father has a list of Clark Family Rules. For a long time I really was annoyed at the last one: Be Thankful For Your Troubles. But I was young and really didn't have many troubles. At the time I thought life was suppose to be pretty much as smooth as possible. So smooth that you never have to be sad, or upset, or frustrated, or suffer. A smooth as silk life where everything works out perfectly. I realize now that that is exactly what defines us, what shapes us, what tells God, well maybe not God, because God all ready knows, but tell us what kind of person we are. Am I patient? Am I longsuffering? Is my love unfeigned? Am I kind? As I look at Mary Deane, I think she is blessed to have this trouble of CF. She has a jump start on realizing life is just not very smooth. Most children are self absorbed and rightly so. Starting life is hard. Think of all the stuff you have to learn in such a short period of time so you really do need to concentrate on yourself, on getting yourself straight on this bumpy path of life. But so much of Mary Deane's carefree life of a child is interrupted by medicines, hand sanitizer, chest thumping, hand sanitizer, nebulizing, hand sanitizer, coughing and more hand sanitizer. Part of me wants to not have this a part of her life but then the other part knows she is blessed to have something from the very beginning that reminds her life is not smooth for a reason. Life is for getting back to God. We all have CF, figuratively speaking--some trouble, that, if we are thankful for it, will get us back to God. And my father knew that being thankful implies a whole change of attitude, an embracing of life, a willingness to learn, because there is no protection against troubles. They happen. In the novel Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close (thank you, Jordan) the grandmother says: You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness. I know Divine, Pearl, Seth, Olive, Lucy, Avery, Hazel, Eli, Avery, Clover, Ivy and the two cuties coming in the next months will have their troubles, stumbling blocks, disappointments, devastations, physical and emotional trials and sadness. I pray they will think carefully about that last Clark Family Rule and get it sooner than their grandmother.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010


Yummy crepes, sweetened condensed milk, fresh blueberries, whipped cream, nutella, bananas and lots of love 'round this table!