Saturday, July 26, 2008

Five Girls and Still Glamorous!

Happy Birthday Katy!
I love this stage of life watching our children have children. All the things you taught them are put to the test. But the best part is they are actually smarter than what you taught them. I watched Katy give birth to Clover in such a gentle, dignified way. She finally delivered a baby on her terms, how she wanted it to be. Sometimes it takes practice to know what you want. I am so grateful for a daughter that strives above all else to do what it is right and good.
But back to the glam. I watched Katy move around like a dancer, only a pregnant dancer--bending, reaching, holding children, twirling around her house like carrying a child was the easiest thing in the world. That was a sight to behold. I love you my dear, dancing, Katy! I celebrate today--maybe with a dance!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whew! We're Back!

I need to catch up on images captured along the way of our month and a half trip to Arizona, Florida and North Carolina! Here we are at Trader Joe's--Olivia's first trip!
We celebrated Dr. Craig at a wonderful dinner where he received ALL the awards! And we blessed beautiful Avery!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ashley has patiently waited to join her younger sisters on this motherhood journey. She is a fine mother, a patient, dedicated mother to Eli. I snapped this private nursing time picture and am particularly touched by the fact you always want to share experiences and information as a mother. Am I feeding my baby too much? Should I be more strict? More patient? A schedule, no schedule? The list goes on and on. And that is the stress of motherhood. There are no perfectly right answers and you seem to start over again with each new child. Katy has joined this group again and Ann will experience it for the first time. And I have the best seat in the house!