Friday, November 12, 2010

Virginia Pie

We weren't planning on stopping but who could resist this place?
 A stone building just calling out to us to stop and have some homemade pie, sour cherry no less.

 And surrounded by falls magnificant squash.
 And what is the east coast without WHOOPIE PIES?

 So with the command to EAT PIE we bought a pumpkin pie, especially for Brendon and sour cherry especially for the rest of us.  Kurt threw in a couple of chocolate dipped coconut macaroons.
And this little cutie was the best part of all!


olivia said...

pies have been on my mind...

this week i finished a logo for an event called "make pie not war," AND after the RS on pie crust, i made my FIRST EVER pie from scratch all by myself.

(can you guess which kind ben requested?)

fun shop!

Travel_Chic said...

Ooooo! I'm definately coming to visit!!

Jessica said...

I love that place! Leesburg is so cute. THANK you SO much for the beautiful star and adorable dress! I was giddy opening up that package and seeing Maeve's name on her very own star made me so happy. Thanks for thinking of us!