Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ann!

My father always said this most irritating phrase to me as a child: 
Be Thankful For Your Troubles.
Why, I thought, would you ever, ever, be thankful for hard things in your life?  I realize now that no one escapes troubles, I don't care who you are.  Troubles care not if we are rich, poor, healthy and strong, weak, mean or nice.  And we might not even recognize them as troubles at the time or they might be very blatant (I like one of the dictionaries definition of blatant:  unpleasantly loud and noisy) troubles that everyone sees.  But what my father was trying to patiently teach me was that it isn't the troubles that are the worry but how you react, how you care to see your way through, how you conduct yourself,  how you turn to God.  Well, with all that said, this is my tribute to Ann today:  She uses God's lenses to see through her troubles so they no longer can be defined as troubles but as intruments in becoming more like Him.   Two cute babes in her care:  one very sick and one very healthy, but neither one any trouble.   Thank you Ann for continuing to teach me what my father was trying to get me to understand all along! 
I love you. 
Happy Day to you!

Friday, January 14, 2011


There was only one time when Jacob was slightly demanding.  We bought an old, white, two door Mazda for the kids to drive as teenagers.  For the first time Jacob complained.  I was shocked, actually, but I couldn't blame him.  It really was an ugly car and for this family, we don't like ugly.  But it was cheap, efficient and got the job done.  The best part?  He apologized ten minutes later.   Don't you love this guy?  Thank you,  Jacob,  for your gentle ways,  your constant desire to do what is right,  for always being willing to forgive,  your respect and patience for your mother.  I love you dearly!
Did you really want chocolate for Christmas?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Jordan and I have had the rare opportunity (hopefully she looks at it this way) to actually live together as mothers.  I don't always recommend two mothers for one home, it isn't the best, but in this case it has been a wonderful time for me to watch her in action.  I love how she makes a home.  I love how she cooks.  I love how she cares so deeply about her children.  I love how she loves Craig.  And I love how she has graciously allowed one more mother under her roof for just a season, with no complaints.   Happy Birthday, Jordan.  I love you!
PS  I have really bad interenet connection that won't upload pictures.