Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Last Watermelon

If you look closely you can see Kurt carrying a watermelon in a sling. There are sidewalk stands EVERYWHERE, and I mean, EVERYWHERE. This one is outside the subway station. He is the only one I see that has watermelons even though it is not the season which means they are expensive. But I indulge because they are delicious and besides that they give you that cool looking plastic sling with handles to carry it home. But, alas, this will be the last one until next summer.


Jordan said...

Every posts since you've been in Korea has been about food. I find that interesting. Food is a comfort, no matter where you find yourselves. We can always find "home" in a meal.

Ann said...


Rebecca said...

As I say, it is all about the food. The missionaries talk about food all the time.