Monday, October 27, 2008

OK. Sometimes You Need to Eat Something OTHER Than Korean Food

We paid some bills (Which is a whole other funny story. You see you have to pay your bills at the bank but when you go into the bank you have to get a number. So Kurt goes to get a number and everything is in Korean and there are different numbers for different things but we don't what the different things are. So he took three numbers just in case we were at the wrong thing. But we ended up at the right thing, at least they played like it was because they don't speak enough English to tell you to go somewhere else so they just helped us) and then walked forever looking for a stationery store which we never found. But we did find some chestnuts--great big ones--to roast at home. We walked so much we decided to get some dinner but I couldn't eat Korean food tonight.
So we found this Italian place called Spaghettio Classico, or something like that. Here is what we had:

This is our Caesar Salad with yummy warm bacon on top.

This is the Gorgonzola pizza. The little dish is honey with little dried garlic chips. You drizzle the honey on the pizza. It was really yum yum!

On our way home we stopped in a book store and I saw "The Giving Tree" in Korean. You know you have made it when they publish your book in Korean.


Kurt Knudsen said...

The Gorgonzola Pizza with honey was TONS bettter than the potato pee-cha with mustard!

Ann said...

I love hearing about all of your adventures!