Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Story of How to Get a Korean Oven

Our first day at our new apartment I panicked when I saw that I only had a toaster oven to fix meals. I shouldn't complain, really, but we are in a developed country so we requested an oven. To our delight they said yes! Whoopee! But was much more complicated than I thought. You see, we have a kimchee fridge. So, we thought, let's remove the kimchee fridge and put an electric oven right in it's place. It sounded like the perfect solution. But, we found out, electric ovens cost more than 3 million won! Yes, I thought that was alot too, so we opted on a gas one at 480,000 won and hooked it up to the other gas stove. So I made bread this morning, having faith that all would proceed as planned. The first man showed up and even though I said NO KOREAN he kept talking to me as if I understood--he even got louder and slower. Sorry, that didn't help. But then Brother Kim showed up, our wonderful helper from the church. And the flurry began:

Here is our space where the kimchee fridge was.

This is our stove and no that isn't the oven it is a WASHER!

Here is the kimchee fridge, selling it for cheap. Or maybe we will use it as a bedside table to keep our beverages cold.

Yes, faith works!


Kurt Knudsen said...

I just had a piece of delicious homemade wholewheat bread (a rare thing here) with yummy local honey.
They say if you eat local honey, you lessen your chances of allergies in the area where you live.

Ann said...

Good job mom! Dad, are you serious?

Katy said...

We eat local honey, too.

I love the oven story.