Friday, January 13, 2012

Pure Love.

It is not possible to prepare your children for all the hard things that will surely come their way.  But it is possible to teach them that God can prepare them.  Today is Jordan's birthday.  Last year I watched how God prepared her for a very hard thing.   She was brave, strong, had faith and the most amazing part was watching her sacrifice showing all of her feelings so Lucy could look into her eyes and know everything would be all right.  I am convinced God prepared her long before she was in my arms for this role she plays as a mother.  It is a gift of the spirit, a Godlike quality, that of putting someone elses needs before yours, a pure love.  A privilege to watch, it was.  
Happy Birthday, Jordan.  I love you 

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Jordan said...

You are certainly a huge part of that preparation. I love you, Mom.