Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh! The Spices!

 We think these towers of spices are the curry mix.

Cardamom pods and frankincense.

 Let's drink to saffron, the most expensive spice on earth.
 Egyptian candy.
 And my favorite, sesame candy, everywhere!
 Luckily, an Arab woman helped me out with translation and told me this was Sumac, my surprise spice for Benjamin.  How beautiful is that pink?
 More towers of spices!
The colors.  I mean, really, those colors are perfection.


Kurt Knudsen said...

You are the spice in my life!

k a t y said...

They are amazing! Glad you're having a spicy spicy SPICY trip!!

Ben said...

It's like going back in time when spices were the currency of the world. Can't wait for the sumac! Sumac has always reminded me of playing over at the Davis' house because of the many sumac trees growing there.