Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcom To LIberty, North Carolina!

After seeing cute Lucy sing away in her Kindergarten program we took most the day off to go to Liberty, North Carolina, to the semi annual antiques festival.
People hauling away their treasures!
It is held on a one hundred acre farm with 400 vendors from 25 states.  And to top it all off is the fantastic announcer lady with the thickest accent this side of Texas.  If someone was lost she would announce it.  If someone accidently dropped one of their banjo strings they just bought, she would announce it.  If it was somebody's birthday, she would announce it.  If someone lived in Greensboro and needed their just purchased outdoor furniture set transported there, she would announce it.  Fantastic
This was a  photograph from the 1800's.
This beauty almost jumped in our car.  It is a metal stool that is also a drying rack.  You can see the metal dowels pulled out on the left and stored in the middle when not is use. 
See that smoke in the background?  Dixie Land BBQ!
Cars were everywhere on the 100 acres.
You know you want to join us in September, don't you!?


Krisanne said...

That photograph is amazing.

Ann said...

I would have LOVED to go with you!

Just today I was looking through some of grandma's antique jewelry.

Jordan said...

Yes! I'll be there!