Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Father of Cohen!

There is nothing like the joy of having children.  And then there is nothing like the joy of watching your own children have children.  It is Ben's birthday today.  He's our baby, the biggest of our babies.  And what an amazing father he is.  I have seen a new side to him that I really like.  It was always there, that nurturing, gooing, being silly, hanging a baby upside down, tickling side.  He just needed Cohen here to do it.  Kurt said it best on our Monday night celebration of his birth, he is engaged.  His heart is right where it should be, with Olivia and Cohen!  Oh man.  Nothing better than that to make a mother happy.  I love you, you cute father, Ben!  Happy day.
I totally stole these images from Olivia's blog.  Thanks O!


Kurt Knudsen said...

It is so true. He IS a good father.

Ann said...

Engaged is the PERFECT way to explain it!

Ben said...

Thank you!