Saturday, January 31, 2009

Samleong Elementary School

Our kids at the elementary school

The children wear their coats because it is so cold in the room! The little heater finally warmed the room up a bit.

After our exhausting one a half hours we were tempted....

Every Friday morning we make the 45 minute jaunt to Samleong Elementary School to teach English to those cuties above: Sarah, Beckham, John, Brian, Mint, (yes, that is the name she picked), Erin, Christy, Anny, Mary and Nick. The teacher's assistant picks us up at the subway and we take a taxi to the school. Afterward, we did some major walking and passed by this restaurant. I don't know if they thought putting it in English would attract more foreign customers, but I think not.


Jordan said...

I wonder when flashing the peace sign for photos caught on. Cute kids!

Ann said...

Cute! Looks cold.

Katy said...

Mint is very cute. Maybe it will be our next name. No, NOT an announceMINT!

I like your scarf, dad.