Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ann takes this life seriously. I like that about her because she approaches most things from an eternal standpoint. She has always been that way--seeing the spiritual in the everyday. With this gift she also has the gift of words and the gift of hands. She can easily say what is in her heart and also express it poetically if she chooses. She also can use her hands to make most anything she wants. The above picture is proof! And now she is applying all those gifts to being a wife and mother--the very best place to use the gifts God gives her. I love you, Ann. Have a most delicious day! MOM


Kurt Knudsen said...

Beautiful woman, beautiful bouquet, beautiful family.

Katy said...

That's exactly right, she is able to express things so easily, truly a gift.

Ann said...

Thanks Mom, that means a lot. Love you!