Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Six Quirks (Only Six?)

Number One
I count stuff, like how many license plate registrations are expired and how many steps down to the shed (100).
Number Two
I like bright colored tights but hardly ever wear them, hence a drawer full if you ever need them.
Number Three
I have decided to only wear black from now on.
Number Four
I love butter on saltine crackers. When I was very much younger I would take a whole long package, butter them, stack them one on top of the other and when my mother wasn't home, I would take them upstairs and eat them ALL while I watched I Love Lucy.
Number Five
I love to polish bowling balls.
Number Six
I adore playing "Who Can Hit the Other Person With the Most Black Nibs" game with Kurt.

Lips courtesy of Mary Deane.
What are Ann's quirks? Megan's quirks? Ben's, Olivia's, oh yes, Ryan's, Katy's, Jacob's, Ashley's, Brian's, Brendon's, and Craig could you keep it to six, please?


Kurt Knudsen said...

Our first game of black nibs was in her bedroom when she was 16. I've loved her ever after!

Jordan said...

Dad, what were you doing in Mom's bedroom when she was sixteen???

Mom, those are great, some I didn't even know! Fun.

Kurt Knudsen said...

Throwing nibs at her.