Friday, September 26, 2008

Mary Deane Arrives!

Another miracle. Mary Deane is so tiny that once Ann got the head out the rest of the body came flying out with her! We are so grateful mother and daughter are doing well and father was a great coach and comforter through the whole event. She has big eyes and long skinny arms and legs and long fingers. Ann was amazing through the whole experience. We know Gramma Andrew is smiling on her namesake today!


Wesley said...

Mary Dean is beautiful. She looks very skinny. It reminds me of Sophie when she was born. Congrats Grandma!

Carol said...

Yeah! Congratulations Ann...and Grandma and Grandpa of course!!! said...

Oh all you sweet, precious and truly amazing Knudsens and spouses.

How truly blessed I feel for being an in-law part of your family and love the blogs to keep up with all of your doings.

YOU ALL are so inspiring, talented and capable of filling my heart in the little niches that are void.

Thank you all. I truly love you.

"gammy" dill