Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shed Sweet Shed

Here is our view from the shed.

The kitchen. Notice the bread on the table from Ruth. Even here she continues to bless our lives.

The bathroom with the water heater from China. It heats all the water in the shed only when needed. Very cool!

Where we rest our heads.

The sitting area with a view of the valley.

Ken and Mary Ann Kartchner blessed us with twenty seven days in their shed. That is what they call it although it is far from being a shed as you can see. We are grateful for their willingness to let us stay here. The view reminds us of home and all 650 square feet are perfect for the empty nesters.


Jordan said...

That's the nicest shed I've ever seen. So rustic and quaint. What an adventure. I love the hardware on the kitchen cabinets.

Kurt Knudsen said...

Fun to take my honey out to the shed!

Ann said...

I want to see it in person...when can we come over?

Rebecca said...

Yes! Come!