Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don't Save the Best for Last

O.K. We are knee deep in boxes, tape, everything strewn from here to kingdom come and I find flowers in the middle of the table for breakfast. If I had died this morning I would be happy because I had flowers on my table. I have learned this from Kurt, never put off enjoying the moment. Eat the good chocolate today. Wear your new socks today.
Don't save the best for last.


Katy said...

Ryan always talks about how he's learned this from dad--how he's quick to open a gift of treats to share with everyone. Don't save your art supplies for 20 years, for fear of messing them up. Don't save your new sheets until the ones you hate wear out. Don't keep the nice china tucked away for that special occasion that somehow never comes. Carpe Diem!

Rebecca said...

Yes! He has taught me that too!

Cherie said...

I'm liking those breakfast dishes!
Hooray for SEIZE THE DAY!
Hooray for Kurt & Beccy!

queendeni said...

Becky! Wow, so much has happened since we spoke last! Your life is always an adventure! We are so excited for your mission, our son Dave served there from Feb 1996 to Dec 1997. He loved it there. Please keep in touch some how! We have so many fond memories with you and Kurt, remember that wonderful salmon you guys made and your beautiful yard! We love you, Deni and Mike Preston