Tuesday, June 3, 2008


모든 인간은 태어날 때부터 자유로우며 그 존엄과 권리에 있어 동등하다. 인간은 천부적으로 이성과 양심을 부여받았으며 서로 형제애의 정신으로 행동하여야 한다.
OK. So, this is actually what we will read, as in scriptures, Preach My Gospel, signs in Seoul. We had our first lesson yesterday. We had no idea that we would actually learn the characters. Kurt even challenged our tutor that maybe this wasn't necessary. He was patient with us as he finally got it in our heads that none of the above mentioned stuff is romanized. Since I am a visual learner I found it wasn't as hard as I thought. The only problem is that when I finally figure out the word the characters are representing I have no idea what that word means. Oh well. It is a start. I now know how to say hello and water. So I think I will be all right. I can have friends and I won't be dehydrated.


Jordan said...

I remember spending several days in the MTC learning just the Russian alphabet and wondering if I'd ever be able to say a full sentence and know what it means AND have someone else understand me!!! But it did happen. It seems like one day I was just communicating in Russian--no big deal.

Katy said...

Dad's always challenging everyone. You can do this! You are two intelligent people and you will be speaking Korean sooner than you think. (Then it can be your secret language when you don't want us to know what you're saying.)

Rebecca said...

Katy, I didn't think of that. I never was good at spelling.

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

When I first read this post on my home computer the script was all question marks (??????? ???)! I checked again today on my work computer and it was Korean and I could read it! And so will you. It probably still looks about like question marks, but someday it will be words and sentences that actually make sense and it will be beautiful.
By the way, I would be more than happy to help you and Knudsen Chang-no-nim, (Elder Knudsen) with language, or culture, or food, or anything! We would love to go eat at Sam Hawk or somewhere. We will be down in SF looking at a house for Ben's parents this evening (we live in Herriman) if you have time, give me a ring! (818)309-7411
My parents got their call yesterday to Budapest Hungary!

Ann said...

I'm impressed by your dilligence thus far. You haven't wasted any time! My favorite is all of the stikcy-notes everywhere. You're not alone; you don't have to do it alone. That always comforted me.