Sunday, March 16, 2008

How Does a Baby Know When to Come?

Yes, I was shocked too that Ryan couldn't tell the difference between Ashley and me.

Ashley and Brian on the beach in Jacksonville

Can you imagine receiving your body for the first time? What must it be like? Here we are waiting for another member of the family. We don't know what he will look like or act like but we do know he will love us, especially his parents. And for the parents (as well as the grandparents, I might add) it is instant love for them also. Ashley has the added blessing of having a relationship all ready--for she is at one with Eli--bone of her bone, flesh of her flesh. Brian, I know you too have been talking with Eli and feeling the kicks and creating a relationship too and without you we know this wasn't possible. But I can't explain this physicalness of pregnancy and birth. It goes back to the holy and messy theme again, a constant reminder of spiritual and physical. You sacrifice your body, yes. More than that you sacrifice all that you are for a time to nurture this new little body. How does he know when to come? Science hasn't figured that one out yet. Maybe God will keep it a secret. But we are ready!

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Ann said...

The whole process seems holy and messy doesn't it? I am trying to appreciate both.