Saturday, March 15, 2008

Doing What Comes Naturally

In our camera I found this photo that Katy took on the beach in Jacksonville. It is a visual reminder that with dear Olivia home and the talk of marriage with Ben, we are going back to it just being the two of us. I am overwhelmed at the blessings that have come our way the past 32 years and wonder where the time went. Four daughters bringing children to this world with changes and moves for so many of you I realize life is never static. When you were all young and it was wild and crazy at home I would dream of life slowing down. And it slows down in all right areas and speeds up in other parts of my life. I like those changes and change is good. I want to thank for you coming on this ride of life with us and bringing along such great spouses and grandchildren. As obsessed as we are about the visual, I want you to know I am more obsessed about the spiritual. When I was deciding to marry Kurt my only plea to Heavenly Father was that Kurt put Him first and remain true to the covenants we were about to make. Of course, it has been a fun ride but God and Kurt have remained true to that plea. And the reason that was so important to me then as it is now is because that promise kept makes a difference in your life as well. Thank you all for continuing to keep that promise in the lives you are leading now and for helping keep a very young woman's plea for God to always be apart of her life. I love you all.


Jordan said...

Frameable photo and words, thank you for both! It helps me keep perspective a little easier.

Kurt Knudsen said...

It is so much fun being on this ride of a lifetime together. Glad you picked me!

Ann said...

Mom, thank you for your love and example.