Monday, June 4, 2007


One of my favorite stories of Jacob is when at only three years old he learned "I So Glad When Daddy Comes Home." He would sing the whole song right on pitch, clap his hands, puts his arms around his neck, and hug close! I am just sad we didn't have a video camera so you would all believe me that he actually did this. Jacob and his posterity will be a part of an "unbroken chain" of righteousness, thus the chain around this rug. I can't think of a better promise. He has the gift of charity which is that one gift the Lord commands us to seek after with "all energy of heart." I am grateful for his gentle nature that will surely bless all those that know him.


Katy said...

He truly does have the gift of charity. I'm grateful for such righteous brothers. They will be wonderful fathers, as they add a link in their chains.

Megan Midori said...

Becky, I was truly touched by everything you said about Jacob. Charity is something I've been told I must develop and I'm so grateful you raised your son so wonderfully so that he can be my teacher! Thank you!