Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What is the wish of your heart?

For my second rug I decided to visually relate an incident I shared with my father one day in his study. It was appropriate we were in that room. He spent so many hours reading and pouring over the scriptures. I rarely saw him watch tv. He was reading about Alma wishing he could speak with the trump of god and convert the earth to Christ. What a noble wish. But he cut his enthusiasm short when he claimed this wish as a sin and to be content with the gifts all ready given him. Oh to have sins like those! This rug really represents my constant struggle to do the Lord's will, not mine. She is crossing herself which comes from the Book of Mormon, meaning to strickly kept promises made to the Lord. I think the temple must be the greatest reminder of the path Alma is talking about. Why do we desire more than the work we have all ready been called to--like being a Sunday School teacher to 15-16 year olds? Or being a visiting teaching and home teacher? So, be carefull what your hearts wishes are, the Lord just might give them to you.


Jordan said...

I know it isn't so, but I think I'm in all of the women you hook. I like to feel that. I love this one. We feel our lives with our hearts wishes sometimes missing the point.

Katy said...

I used to wish for at least one boy, but have changed my wish to being content with only girls (after my visiting teachers came with their 4 boys). I've heard it said that when one stops wishing for more, that is when contentment begins, not the other way around.