Friday, May 25, 2007

Flee Like a Bird

The scripture flee like a bird to your mountain comes from Isaiah. Mountain in the scriptures usually always refers to the temple. I like this image and the words Isaiah uses. Flee connotes an escape from something or someone. It also gives you a sense of urgency. I see it as an escape from the world, its temptations and vain pleasures that get us not nearer to God but further away. Why was a bird used in the simile? If we are fleeing then we certainly want the most direct route. We often say as a bird flies because we know a birds fly directly from A to B.
So don't be distracted along the way. Take the most direct route. This rug is part of a series of rugs intitled "Things On My Mind."


Jordan said...

I love the quote in your banner. It rings true. I think we should pay attention to things that ring true. I'm loving this daily dose of your artwork.

Katy said...

Is this going to be in your final show? I agree with Jordan, it's so neat to enjoy your artwork--some I haven't yet seen.