Thursday, October 14, 2010

360 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn New York

In the 1920's my father went on his mission to the Eastern States, with B.H. Roberts as his Mission President.  Here I stand in front of the mission home.

 Kurt and I were the only white people in the neighborhood.  As we walked by some policemen, they said "you can tell they don't belong here."  Yet, there we were,  in a place where my father once walked also.

360 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.
I am sure this mission photo was taken at 360 Gates.  My father is sitting by Sister Roberts on the front row.  Such a sober group of missionaries!


k a t y said...

I love that you got that photo. And that you're still alive to post it ;)

Ann said...

I bet that was an amazing feeling to walk where he walked so long ago!

Loved talking with you today.

Rebecca said...

The corner stores had rotating plexiglass dispensers in the windows where you put the money, rotate it, and receive your purchase, never entering the store.