Monday, July 26, 2010

Kicking Up My Feet For The Birthday Girl!

About ten years ago
my mother and I went shoe shopping at Nordstroms in Salt Lake. She, as usual, charmed the male shoe salesman, having him bring out all sorts of beautiful, pointed, 7AAA high heels. And me. Well, I tried on several pairs of Doc Martin shoes, 7B, black, I think. The best part was we both laughed at how much we loved each other and yet were so different. Visiting Katy and clan this week I am reminded that my mother would be pleased that her high sense of fashion flair has not been completely lost on me since it is fully manifested in her grandchildren! I can hear her now: Oh, Katy! I love your shoes! Happy Birthday, my daughter. Thanks for teaching me style, honesty, patience, love and faith! Grandma would be so pleased.
Love you!


k a t y said...

Thank you for coming this week to walk a mile in my shoes. My feet and my children thank you. Love you so.

Brenda said...

I loved this post. Loved all the fun shoes and loved that you guys could all be together. Love you and miss you too!