Friday, June 11, 2010

The Mormon Chapel, Washington, DC

The church sent 16,000 blocks of marble (I know, I thought it was granite we were sitting on) to Washington, DC to build this chapel.

My father was the bishop here in the 1940's while working at the United States Department of Agriculture with Ezra Taft Benson. Unfortunately, the church sold the building and it is now in the possession of the Unification Church.

It actually had an Angel Moroni on top when it was first built. Here is a photograph before it was placed on top of the steeple. It is now in the Church Museum of Art in Salt Lake City.


Kurt Knudsen said...

It's a beautiful building that now in a state of disrepair.

k a t y said...

That is so sad! I can't believe it was just a chapel. Looks like it could have been a temple.

Jessica said...

I can't believe that was a church either. It looks so big and beautiful. Very sad that we don't own it anymore.