Friday, April 2, 2010

Naengmeon Noodles

Our friend, Sang Eui, recommended this restaurant as having the best naengmeon noodles he ever tasted. Well, how can you pass that up? These are cold noodles--I mean, really cold noodles--see the bits of ice floating in the broth, along with the chunk of Asian pear, sliced beef, pickled radish, cucumbers and boiled egg.
Add some spicy horseradish mustard to the broth and it's ready to eat.

A peek at the kitchen.

Here is the giant noodle making machine.

Noodle dough, ready to put into the machine

Stuff it in

Below is the big pot of boiling water, cooking the noodles.

The metal cylinder with gold on the end is where the dough is pressed into noodle shapes and falls into the hot boiling water below. Here the noodle man is scooping out the noodles with his colander.


Kurt Knudsen said...

char mo koh sim nee dah!

AnnMarie said...

A lot of missionaries don't like it, which I think has to do with the noodles being cold, but I really don't mind it. It's nice when it's hot and you don't have AC. :)