Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Your Birthday

Dearest Second Child,

I celebrate you today! I celebrate how much I love what you write, what you think, how you feel about life. I remember before Seth was born, I came down to New Orleans and you, the very pregnant daughter, let me sleep and sleep. Remember how tired I was? You brought me magazines and we talked, slept some more and then talked again. There is just something very special about a grown daughter that becomes a very good friend. You have not only tackled motherhood with your hands but also with your heart. I admire your tenacity with the goals you set. You never give up. And may I say you picked a fantastic hubby! I love you dear Jordan. Happy birthday.


k a t y said...

Yes, I love how she tackles everything with her hands and heart.

Jordan said...

Thanks for always making me cry. Love you, Mom.