Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ann!

Mary Deane holding Ann, January 1984

Ann holding Mary Deane, December 2009

Dearest Ann,
What a year this has been. How grateful I am for your courage and strength as you faced the daunting news of Mary Deane's CF. I am continually in awe of your ability to see God's hand in everything, especially your knowledge that He has entrusted you with the care of your beautiful daughter--with Brendon right by your side! Thank you for your unwavering faith, for never doubting that God is there, always there.
I am grateful for your encouraging letters while on our mission. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of missionary work. Did you memorize PMG?
I have thought a lot about Grandma while I have been here. I know she is watching you, concerned for you and still holding you, in a way, by her own legacy of faith in Jesus Christ. What a great gift she has left us both!
I love you so much. Have the very best of birthdays!


k a t y said...

Oh, I loved those photos! Yes, all true.

Ann said...

Dear Mom, thank you for those sweet compliments. Grandma has made the veil so thin, so many times. I love you too! Love, Ann

Kurt Knudsen said...

Two cute babies. Two amazing women.