Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Fork

The other day I told Kurt he is really lucky to be married to someone that has such a great sense of humor. He agreed. This thought came up again because of Katy's recent post. And because I do realize I lost my sense of humor most of the child rearing years. I do not know where it went. I want to blame it on the children but that certainly isn't true. I just simply forgot to remember that between the sorrows, the seriousness, the pleading, and the prayers, life can be pretty darn funny.
Most of you know the infamous moment during the most intense mothering period of my life when everyone at the dinner table, including the father, were arguing about something. See, I can't even remember what, but I was so upset, threw my fork down on the table in my upsettness and, low and behold, the fork stuck straight up, tines embedded into the (luckily) antique table.
Well, this was a great cause of glee among the above mentioned arguing family which fueled my anger much beyond the appropriate righteous indignation of a mother in Zion. So, I stormed off. The family then stayed dead quiet until they thought I was no longer in ear shot and burst into riotous laughter.

Above is a picture of me when life was really funny and not just because my mother cut my bangs into oblivion. I am one blessed little girl. Well, big girl, way too big of a girl. And that is the point, counting blessings brings joy and laughter. And a few days away from all the kids doesn't hurt either.


olivia said...

I've NEVER heard this story! And Ben doesn't remember either. What fun. And what a good reminder. Thanks for sharing so much of your thoughts/memories, and that picture! I've never seen it.

Love you and your laugh and love that you get to come home!

Kurt Knudsen said...

The above mentioned father is honored to get to laugh alongside this perceptive, funny and wonderful woman.

k a t y said...

It's easy to forget to laugh when everyone depends on you for emotional stability. It seems so often there's no laughter left when everyone else is taken care of. Glad you can laugh about this now. Love you so.

Jordan said...

I remember when both we and the Dills were visiting with our kids in Provo and somehow, one evening Katy and I ended up in the back seat of your car (I think we went to TAco Bell) and we just laughed and giggled the whole way. No kids will do that to you. Children are a sobering thing.

Olivia, I can't believe Ben doesn't remember that. I guess he must of been too young.

Katy, it's true, no laughter left (along with the food).

Mom, Craig and I were wondering where Hazel got her chubby cheeks--looking at that picture, now I know where!!

Christian E said...

Thanks, Becky -- I needed this post. Sometimes it seems whenever I try to laugh I cry!! And if I do get "goofy" my kids look at me as if I've cracked -- and they are usually just about right!!

Can't wait to see you guys when you come back - I've enjoyed reading about your experiences!

Chris (Andy's wife)

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

LOVE this story! thank you for sharing and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the photos and memories of your service in Korea (THE greatest place to serve, if i do say so myself)!

so exciting that you will shortly be reunited with your dear ones. we are going to greet my parents at the airport today!

also, LOVE the photo of you. i can see so many of your children and grandchildren in that smile.

dkmarsden said...

I LOVE this post and I love you!