Thursday, November 12, 2009

Unwilling Subjects

Beautiful Yewon, not wanting her picture taken

Sang Eui, our wonderful friend

Leaving with the missionaries.


Ann said...

She is very beautiful.

And he is very happy!

Charlotte said...

You have so many posts! Fabulous! This is the first I've seen of them in a g e s! You look wonderful, as do your missionaries, as do your children and grandchildren, not to mention cultural events from Korea. Enjoyed!

michelle said...

Hi Sister Knudsen!

I met you and Elder Knudsen a while back in the Dills' ward FL. Katy and I gave birth about three days apart from each other. I also served my mission in Korea and sometimes click on your links from Katy's blog. Your pictures and stories are super!

I wanted to say hello again and also... big ALSO... Yewon was my MTC companion and good friend and I have been trying to reconnect with her for years now. I LOVE HER! She is amazing. We are living in Okinawa now and chances are that we will visit Korea soon, probably in March next year. Can you tell Yewon I am looking for her?? This is my email: Tell her she better contact me or she is dead meat.

su-go-ha-seh-yo! (haha my romanizing techniques are not quite up to par)