Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Happiest Man in Korea

Sometimes we walk past him four or six times a day. (Always an even number) He is ALWAYS smiling so we call him the happiest man. He sells clothes on the street--everyday he puts them up and everyday he takes them down. He is a wonder. Elder K gave him a Book of Mormon, I gave him a fan. We hope he is using both!

And this, my friends, is Puff Daddy. I have worked for 10 months to get him to smile at me, or even look at me for that matter. He also sells on the street all things that are puffed. (Think puffed wheat, giant versions of Trix, Kix, Captain Crunch.) So far, no smile.

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Kurt Knudsen said...

The happiest man in Korea, smiles and bows to us each time we pass.