Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ryan!

Dear Ryan, You were born today. Actually, yesterday if you were in Korea. Which means I get to be thankful for you twice this year! One of the things I love about you is that you like to discuss. And it could be many topics but it is fun to talk with you and you always ask me such interesting questions that get me thinking. I love how you feel deeply and are emotional. I love your passion about people being treated fairly because I do know you don't shop at WalMart which I must say I haven't shopped there for almost five months myself. But most of all I love how you are a husband and father. I should put FATHER in caps, right? I love your desire to always be better. Thank you for loving Katy and giving us those most beautiful granddaughters! I love you! Thank you for being born today, and yesterday. (See you couldn't say I wasn't born yesterday.)


Kurt Knudsen said...

I LOVE RYAN! (but I still like Wal-Mart)

Katy said...

I love to talk with the Both of you.
Mostly, I talk because I love to HEAR your perspective. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Thanks for loving me. Thanks for a great wife.

Katy said...