Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kurt and the Piano Lady

This is the piano lady on the left with Elder Hatch's back and Elder K on the right. Please notice Elder Knudsen's lovely slippers!

Elder K MAKES her say it right!

Here is Elder Kesler with Kim Dae Oon He owns a cosmetic company and evidently a very eligible bachelor. But he is waiting to marry someone with his same horoscope.
He is also the piano lady's manager.
We are thrilled Agnes (the amazing piano lady) has agreed to go to church in January. I think she likes that Elder Knudsen is bossy like she is. They seem to get along just hunky dory.


Katy said...

Dad's slippers made me chuckle.

Jordan said...

We wore "tapichki" (slippers) in Russia. I know exactly how Elder Knudsen feels in those flowered footwear.