Monday, March 31, 2008


This is our toilet, or water closet in Paris. Notice the handle on the top right. Sunee is in front, right, with my face directly behind her. We were seeing how many people we could fit in the closet.

Sunee and me outside of our room in Paris, just arriving home from a Halloween party.

Sunee is in the middle

My cousin Sunee just left. We had a visit full of talk about our bodies, our spirits and how that all comes together to make us who we are. We went to France, actually Paris to be exact, for six months together. I learned better how to be kind and thoughtful. I was a pretty self centered 20 year old at the time. She, on the other hand, had learned a few more lessons than I, which I was grateful she shared through example.
This morning we ate eggs together because we both have sugar problems and need protein in the morning. Then we sat on Ben's favorite couch in the corner and laughed and cried about getting more balance. For example, she does yoga and even showed me a wonderful move, encouraging me to get upside down more often. "Can you still do a handstand?" "Sunee," I said, "I could never do a handstand." "Well, how about cartwheels?" She, the ever graceful ballerina, and me, well I was the tomboy who preferred playing basketball or softball. She would do amazing ballerina moves in our tiny room on Rue Layfayette while I struggled to stand on one foot.
Do you know people that you haven't seen for awhile but then you get together and it was like you had never been apart? Sunee does that for me. Elle est tres bonne!


Ann said...

Thanks for sharing mom, it is fun to learn more about you and your twenties...which you seem to have not left yet.

Katy said...


I loved this last one a lot.
Fun to hear about you; and as Divine would say to read your "dilouge".

I miss you and Kurt. Move South Soon--but I know others would miss you too. How can we all share?

I liked yout hair on Truk's blog--it looks good.