Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Day At The Dills

As you can see Ryan was always cooking something for us, as well as Katy.

Adorable Azure

Outlandish Olive!

Delicious Divine!

Pondering Pearl


Katy said...

Oh, mom, Ryan never said he couldn't tell the difference between you and Ashley! Of course he can! We are sad your time here came and went so quickly. Good thing you're coming again! Remind us to get out the good balsamic vinegar and we were going to eat honeycomb with you...

Kurt Knudsen said...

Yum! Honeycomb & the good balsamic vinegar.

Jordan said...

Can I come for the "good" stuff, too?

Katy and Ryan, impressivo on the beverage selection.

Dad, what's with the taped numeral on your shirt? Is this a new scum tactic?

Katy said...

You're all invited to come for the good stuff--after the kids are snuggly snoozing...beverages and all.