Monday, July 16, 2007

Multiply and Replenish

It again has been a holy, messy week. A trip to the ER to stop the horrible pain Kurt was having from his fall down the stairs was truly messy but the holy came as blessings were poured out on us in many forms. Some were from prayers, my sister Lynn bringing everything imaginable for comfort (especially Hagen-daz Bars), priesthood blessings, the joy of grandchildren, our own children coming to rescue us in the middle of the night or simply cleaning up the kitchen and helping pick the apricots. It is hard to raise children, really the hardest job on earth. But as I watched our own children gathered around us in support and love I couldn't image life without them. Most of all I couldn't image life without their father. He is a strong person and whirls around my life in constant movement, bringing with him so much joy and beauty. So to have him stop, stopped me too. I'm glad the motion is back!


Jordan said...

This photo is just amazing.

I love reading your words, Mom. They pinpoint the emotion so well. What a ride, eh? I'm so glad I was there AND that Dad is doing so much better.

Missing you all.

Katy said...

Yes, what a whirlwind! Ryan said to me when we found out about dad, you should go help. I said, me, with 4 little kids? not much help! I'm glad you had everyone to get you and dad through this.

Missing you all, too.

Come visit?

Rebecca said...

I haven't been able to leave comments for some reason. So, thank you for yours! Thank you both for the sacrifice of being here. I know it was in many directions. I love you both.