Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Holding Babies

One of the best things of this picture is the parallel angle of Hazel and Azure, well and of course their wonderful mothers. A couple of days ago someone said they hoped they could learn what they needed to learn from their trial. I hear people say that all the time. How do you know what you should learn? If we knew maybe we wouldn't have to go through so much. This is what I think. First, you never learn enough so don't worry. Just smile and hold those babies because they don't let you hold them forever. And look straight ahead.


Jordan said...

I was looking for this picture on my camera, I had forgotten you took it on yours. Can I have a copy? That is so funny that H and A are both leaning like that.

Very striking parallel with life. I will definitely take that advice--more smiling and "just holding" the babies!!

Katy said...

They're leaning because they both have 'z' in their names.