Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wishing for a Star?

Stained Glass 9" star with round and shaped center $15. plus shipping

Stained Glass 9" star with shaped center $15. plus shipping

Stained Glass 9" star $15. plus shipping

Stained Glass stars, 9" $15. plus shipping

Engraved 12" wedding star $35. plus shipping

Most stars can be engraved with information about the birth of a new baby, birth date, vital statistics and name of course! Weddings dates and places can also be engraved or personal greetings. All stars can be shipped and specific colors can also be accommodated. So wish upon a star!


megn, ( said...

I love these stars- I got a link to this post from Design Mom. How can I get my hands on some of these? Are they still available? Would you email me and let me know if some are available or if I can have some made?
I love them!

Jennifer said...

I love your stars and would like to purchase some. How?....
Please let me know

Alisha said...

Hey there!
Wow I remember these stars My family has too many to count and I have about 5. I love them I bought another before your parents left on their missions.
Could you give me a call I would love to purchase a couple more for Christmas.
Alisha Porter

Emily Walker said...

I love these stars so much, are you still making and selling them? I really hope so! If you are Please can you email me I am in the UK but have family in the States and I oftern get things mailed to them. Many Thanks Emily x

Anne Peay said...

i want the green star.....are they still available? please contact me at i would like an engraving if possible.

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