Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Little Japanese Becky

This photo dropped off my big white board yesterday and I took the moment to just stare at it for awhile. Always my favorite part are my DARK SOCKS with my very practical brown shoes. My mother always made me wear dark socks, or when I was older, wear my dad's reject socks, because they didn't show the dirt. This is my neighbor, Kathy Bateman Petersen. She is an artist also. We pretty much had the same temperaments and got along, despite the fact she was a couple of years older than me. Her family was always so exotic to me because they would leave and live in places I had never heard of. And her mom would make homemade chocolates.I didn't know any mothers at the time but hers that made homemade chocolates. I thought she must live in Heaven on Ash Avenue. She had a big apple tree in her front yard and it was so big and fat you didn't have any problems, no matter how little you were, climbing up the limbs. We would sit there for hours and eat Popsicles in the summer on her limbs. I mean we would just sit there for hours on those limbs. That is about the best childhood I can think of.


Jordan said...

Love the red!

I love to stare at pictures and let the memories roll over you. She looks exotic in that picture.

Katy said...

I've always loved that photo. I enjoyed the story behind it. Do you still keep in touch?

Rebecca said...

We see each other once in awhile but we don't keep in touch. She is still doing her artwork.