Monday, June 18, 2007

Jordan's Prayer Rug

Jordan has always been passionate about beauty and sensitive to life and its subtleties. I love the way she expresses the depths of her feelings through words. In this rug she is holding two things: the Tree of Life and flowers. I know she feels deeply about both, her love of God and her sensitivity to her environment, not only physically but spiritually combining both worlds. Jordan, thank you for adding more passion to my world!


katherine said...

I am amazed by your talent and the thoughts and stories behind each of your rugs. What masterpieces!

Katy said...

Jordan's passion for life is an enviable trait. I love her spontaneity and romantic notions.

Jordan said...

Mom, I love that this is hanging on my wall. I think of you and our relationship everytime I look at it in our living room. Thank you for my prayer rug. It is always shocking to me how well you and Dad have me pinned down--you just feel sometimes that nobody REALLY knows you. I guess as a parent you probably know your children better than they know themselves.